This method allows the adding of customer data.

URL for webservices access :
URL for HTML Form posting : TBC

Method : addcustomer

Input Parameters :


There are always 2 parameters passed, these are both XML strings, and the first is XMLSecurity which holds the security information, i.e your access code and the dealercode that you want to access the data for, and the second is the XML data you are going to pass in.

If you need to view the information on how to format the XMLSecurity data string, please click here

Input XML Data fields:

Section Field Name Mand Type Field Description Example Data
Customer Custid Y Numeric Your database ID number for this customer. If you pass in a number we haven't seen before, we add the customer. If you pass in a number we have seen before, we overwrite the details of that customer. Please make sure you pass in unique numerical number for each new customer. This number will be used to add activity as well. Please do not start numbers with a zero. They will be stored in the database in a BITINT field. Numbers are unique per dealer, so 12345 for example can be used for dealer1 and dealer2 as we make unique using both the dealer code and custID combination. 12345
Customer Salespersonname N String The sales person name Jo Bloggs
Customer CustomerType Y String Retail,Fleet,Motability,Business are all valid options for this field Retail
Customer CompanyName Y *2 String Name of the business (If a fleet customer)  
Customer Title N String Title of the customer Mr
Customer Firstname N String Firstname of the customer Mike
Customer Surname Y *2 String Surname of the customer Atkinson
Customer PhoneNo N *3 String Customers phone number 0113 000 0000
Customer Mobile N *3 String Customers Mobile number 0700 000 00000
Customer WorkNo N *3 String Customers work number 0113 123 4567
Customer Email N *3 String The customers email address
Customer Address1 N *3 String The first line of the customers address 2 Hill Top Road
Customer Address2 N String The customers address Newmillerdam
Customer City N String The customers city Wakefield
Customer County N String The customers county Yorkshire
Customer Postcode N *3 String The customers post code WF2 6PY
Customer Country N String The customers country UK
Customer PrefContact N String Whats the customers prefered method of contact Mobile
Customer BestContactTime N String Whats the best time to call the customer Afternoon
Customer DOB N Date The customers Date Of Birth 23/03/1977
Customer DPAPostal N String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact, default is N Y
Customer DPATel N String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact, default is N Y
Customer DPAEmail N String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact, default is N Y
Customer DPASMS N String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact, default is N Y
Customer PrevCust N Numeric 0 = not a previous customer, 1 = yes a previous customer 0
Customer ChangeCycle N Numeric Number in months of how often they change their vehicle 24
Customer MOC N String Method of Contact used when enquiring, i.e telephone, visit, email Visit
Customer SOE N String Source of Enquiry used when enquiring, i.e Newpaper, TV, Radio ad Daily Mail Newspaper
Customer AdCampaign N String AdCampaign used when enquiring, campaign name or campaign code GM5678
Customer MonthlyPayment N Numeric The customers current monthly payment value 234
Customer OweAmount N Numeric The amount the customer owes on their current vehicle 3400
Customer HowFinanced N String How will the new vehicle be financed, e.g cash, bank finance, dealer arranged finance, PCP, HP HP
Customer IsClead N Numeric Is this a central lead, 0 = No, 1 = Yes 0
Customer ManufacturersCleadID N String The manufacturers central lead number (if applicable)  
Customer.Nextvehicle NewUsed Y String Is it a NEW or USED vehicle NEW
Customer.Nextvehicle CAPCODE N *2 String Capcode of the enquiry vehicle  
Customer.Nextvehicle RegNo N String Registration number (if applicable)  
Customer.Nextvehicle Make N *1 String Manufacturer name Vauxhall
Customer.Nextvehicle Model N *1 String Model Name Adam
Customer.Nextvehicle Derivative N String Derivative Name Jam 1.2i 16V VVT
Customer.Nextvehicle Fuel N String Fuel type Petrol
Customer.Nextvehicle EngineSize N String Engine Size 1.2
Customer.Nextvehicle Colour N String Colour Purple
Customer.Nextvehicle Transmission N String Transmission Manual
Customer.Nextvehicle DateRequired N Date Date the customer requires the vehicle for 12/04/2013
Customer.Nextvehicle VIN N String VIN number of the next vehicle VH56756FGFGH56GG
Customer.Nextvehicle Mileage N Numeric Mileage if a used vehicle 0
Customer.Nextvehicle ModelYear N Numeric Model Year of the enquiry vehicle 2013
Customer.Presentvehicle CAPCODE N *2 String Capcode of the enquiry vehicle  
Customer.Presentvehicle PresReg N String Registration number of the present vehicle N206 HUA
Customer.Presentvehicle PresModelYear N Numeric Model Year of the present vehicle 1995
Customer.Presentvehicle PresMake N String The manufacturer name of the part exchange vehicle Ford
Customer.Presentvehicle PresModel N String Model name of the customers present vehicle Fiesta
Customer.Presentvehicle PresDerivative N String Derivative name 1.0 Ghia
Customer.Presentvehicle PresFuel N String Fuel type Petrol
Customer.Presentvehicle PresMileage N String Mileage of the present vehicle 78000
Customer.Presentvehicle PresColour N String Colour of the present vehicle Red
Customer.Presentvehicle PresEngineNo N String Engine No of the present vehicle GH66757777dGFH
Customer.Presentvehicle PresDateOfReg N Date Date the present vehicle was registered 12/05/1995
Customer.Presentvehicle PresTransmission N String Transmission type manual
Customer.Presentvehicle PresServiceHistory N String Service History information None
Customer.Presentvehicle PresOwners N Numeric How many present owners of the vehicle 4
Customer.Presentvehicle PresTIV N Numeric TIV = Trade In Value 300
Customer.Presentvehicle PresSIV N Numeric SIV = Stand in Value 500
Customer.Presentvehicle PresRepairCost N Numeric Repair Cost to get the vehicle saleable 200

Y *2 = This is a mandtory field, but only dependant on the customer type your enter. If you enter a customertype=retail value, then surname is mandatory and companyname is not mandatory. If you enter customertype=fleet, then companyname is mandatory and surname is not mandatory.

N *1 = This is not a mandatory field if there is a CAPCODE passed, but you do not pass a CAPCODE, then Make and Model become mandatory

N *2 - If you pass in a capcode then you do not need to fill in any values for the N *1 marked fields in next enquiry vehicle as the capcode will overwrite any other values

N * 3 These fields are not mandatory, but we do require at least 1 contact method for the customer. So this can be either a phone no / email or address

The customer details are passed into through the XMLData packet

An example of value XMLData packet:

      <SURNAME>Jones </SURNAME>
      <ADDRESS1>999 Windsor Rd</ADDRESS1>
      <ADDRESS2>Prestwich </ADDRESS2>
      <COUNTY>Greater Manchester</COUNTY>
      <SOE>Daily Mail</SOE>
                  <DATEREQUIRED>05/05/2013 0:00:00</DATEREQUIRED>
                  <PRESMAKE> Mercedes-Benz</PRESMAKE>
                  <PRESMODEL>M Class Diesel Sw</PRESMODEL>
                  <PRESDERIVATIVE>ML320 CDI SE 5dr Tip Auto</PRESDERIVATIVE>
                  <PRESDATEOFREG>2005-05-12 0:00:00</PRESDATEOFREG>

Example output for a valid call:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Messagetxt>Record Inserted Successfully</Messagetxt>


Example output for an invalid call / or general error in a webservice call

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ErrorInfo>No data found </ErrorInfo>

There may be multiple errors returned in the XML packet, they are separated by <Error> blocks and each block contains an ErrorCode to allow you to do some processing logic on the numerical value returned, and an ErrorInfo which is used by the developer or administrator to visually see what the problem is with the submission.