This method returns all the customer and enquiry data when passed a custid value.


Method : getcustomer

Input Parameters :


There are always 2 parameters passed, these are both XML strings, and the first is XMLSecurity which holds the secuirty information, i.e your access code and the dealercode that you want to access the data for, and the second is the XML data you are going to pass in.

If you need to view the information on how to format the XMLSecurity data string, please click here

Example of value XMLData packet:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

custid =The dealerhub customer ID number to identiy what customer to pull back. You can get the custid number from a customer search webservices call.


Example output for a valid call:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CUSTOMER CUSTID="10272393">
      <SURNAME>Jones </SURNAME>
      <ADDRESS1>999 Windsor Rd</ADDRESS1>
      <ADDRESS2>Prestwich </ADDRESS2>
      <COUNTY>Greater Manchester</COUNTY>
      <STATUS>Active customer</STATUS>
   <ENQUIRY ENQREF="10272393-1">
            <ADDEDENQUIRYDATE>2012-10-18 0:00:00</ADDEDENQUIRYDATE>
            <SOE>Daily Mail</SOE>
            <HOWFINANCED>Please Select</HOWFINANCED>
            <NEXTVEHICLE ID="46163">
                  <MAKE> Volvo</MAKE>
                  <MODEL> C70 Coupe Convertible</MODEL>
                  <DERIVATIVE_STRING>T5 SE Lux 2dr Geartronic</DERIVATIVE_STRING>
                  <DATEREQUIRED>2012-10-10 0:00:00</DATEREQUIRED>
            <PRESENTVEHICLE ID="15326">
                  <PRESMAKE> Mercedes-Benz</PRESMAKE>
                  <PRESMODEL> M Class Diesel Sw</PRESMODEL>
                  <PRESDATEOFREG>2005-05-12 0:00:00</PRESDATEOFREG>
            <ENQUIRY_NOTES ID="197313">
                  <NOTES>Test notes</NOTES>
                  <DATEADDED>2012-10-18 0:00:00</DATEADDED>

Output :

Section Field Name Field Type Field Description
Customer CustID BIGINT The ID of the customer
Customer UserID Numeric The AutoSLM ID for the user that owns this customer
Customer CustomerAddedDate Date The date the customer was added to the system
Customer CustomerType String Either Retail or Fleet
Customer CompanyName String Name of the business (If a fleet customer)
Customer Title String Title of the customer
Customer Firstname String Firstname of the customer
Customer Surname String Surname of the customer
Customer PhoneNo String Customers phone number
Customer Mobile String Customers Cell number
Customer WorkNo String Customers work number
Customer Email String The customers email address
Customer Address1 String The first line of the customers address
Customer Address2 String The customers address
Customer City String The customers cityTh
Customer County String The customers county
Customer Postcode String The customers postcode
Customer Country String The customers country
Customer Status String The status of the customer, i.e Active / Archived / Nurturing
Customer PrefContact String Whats the customers prefered method of contact
Customer BestContactTime String Whats the best time to call the customer
Customer DPAPostal String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact
Customer DPATel String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact
Customer DPAEmail String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact
Customer DPASMS String Y = Yes you can contact, N = No you can't contact
Customer PrevCust Numeric 0 = not a previous customer, 1 = yes a previous customer
Customer ChangeCycle Numeric Number in month of how often they change their vehicle
Customer SalesManName String Name of the Sales Exec
Customer.Enquiry Enqref String The enquiry reference number
Customer.Enquiry EnqNo Numeric The enquiry number
Customer.Enquiry AddedEnquiryDate Date The date the enquiry was added
Customer.Enquiry ClosedDate Date The date the enquiry was closed, if blank then the enquiry is still open
Customer.Enquiry MOC String Method of Contact used when enquiring
Customer.Enquiry SOE String Source of Enquiry used when enquiring
Customer.Enquiry AdCampaign String AdCampaign used when enquiring
Customer.Enquiry MonthlyPayment Numeric The customers current monthly payment value
Customer.Enquiry OweAmount Numeric The amount the customer owes on their current vehicle
Customer.Enquiry NewUsed String Is the Enquiry for a NEW or USED vehicle
Customer.Enquiry HowFinanced String How will the new vehicle be financed
Customer.Enquiry IsClead Numeric Is this a central lead, 0 = No, 1 = Yes
Customer.Enquiry LeadType String If its a lead, what type of lead is it
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle ID Numeric Next Vehicle record ID number
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle MakeID Numeric Manufacturer ID, also know as ManID
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle ModelID Numeric Model ID, also know as modelid
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle DerivativeID Numeric Derivative ID, also know as the slmID
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle Derivative_String String Derivative as a string
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle Fuel String Fuel type
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle EngineSize String Engine Size
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle Colour String Colour
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle Transmission String Transmission
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle DateRequired Date Date the customer requires the vehicle for
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle VIN String VIN number of the next vehicle (if a used vehicle)
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle Mileage Numeric Mileage if a used vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle ModelYear Numeric Model Year of the enquiry vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Nextvehicle NewUsed String Is it a NEW or USED vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle ID Numeric ID number of the present vehicle record
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresTransmission String Transmission type
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresServiceHistory String Service History information
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresOwners Numeric How many present owners of the vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresMakeID Numeric Manufacturer ID, also know as ManID
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresModelID Numeric Model ID, also know as modelid
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresDerivativeID Numeric Derivative ID, also know as the slmID
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresDerivativeString String Derivative as a string
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresFuel String Fuel type
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresMileage String Mileage of the present vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresColour String Colour of the present vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresEngineNo String Engine No of the present vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresDateOfReg Date Date the present vehicle was registered
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresTIV Numeric TIV = Trade In Value
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresSIV Numeric SIV = Stand in Value
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresRepairCost Numeric Repair Cost to get the vehicle saleable
Customer.Enquiry.Presentvehicle PresModelYear Numeric Model Year of the present vehicle
Customer.Enquiry.Enquiry_Notes ID Numeric ID of the enquiry notes record
Customer.Enquiry.Enquiry_Notes Notes String Notes for the enquiry
Customer.Enquiry.Enquiry_Notes DateAdded Date Date the notes were added.

Example output for an invalid call / or general error in a webservice call

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ErrorInfo>No data found </ErrorInfo>

There may be multiple errors returned in the XML packet, they are separated by <Error> blocks and each block contains an ErrorCode to allow you to do some processing logic on the numerical value returned, and an ErrorInfo which is used by the developer or administrator to visually see what the problem is with the submission.