This method gets a list of Dealers that you have access to from your access code.


Method : getdealers

Input Parameters :


This method will be your first call after your receive your access codes from DealerHub staff. This webservice gives you a list of retailers you have access to, and it lists all the dealercodes that you will need to pass in your security calls.

There are always 2 parameters passed, these are both XML strings, and the first is XMLSecurity which holds the secuirty information, i.e your access code and the dealercode that you want to access the data for, and the second is the XML data you are going to pass in.

This webservice does not need any value in the XMLData parameter, you can pass it as an empty string.

This webservice method needs a DealerCode = 0 (zero) to be passed as this method is designed to give you your DealerCodes to use in other webservice methods.

If you need to view the information on how to format the XMLSecurity data string, please click here


Example output for a valid call:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<DealerName>Grapewood Motors UK</DealerName>
<Address1>Bald Eagle Drive</Address1>
<Town>Marco Island</Town>

<DealerName>Marco Island Motors - Test Site</DealerName>
<Address1>test street</Address1>
<Address2>test 2</Address2>
<Address3>test 3</Address3>
<Town>test town</Town>

<DealerName>South Africa WOM Test Site</DealerName>



Output :

Field Name Field Type Field Description
RID Numeric The retailer ID for this dealer
DealerCode String The DealerCode is what you will pass to identity the dealer you want to read/write from on most webservice calls. This will need storing at your end.
Brand String Manufactuer Brand this dealer primarily sells
DealerName String Dealers Name
Address1 String Dealer Postal Address Information
Address1 String Dealer Postal Address Information
Address1 String Dealer Postal Address Information
Address2 String Dealer Postal Address Information
Address3 String Dealer Postal Address Information
Town String Dealer Postal Address Information
State_County String Dealer Postal Address Information
PostCode_ZIP String Dealer Postal Address Information


Example output for an invalid call / or general error in a webservice call

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ErrorInfo>No Data found </ErrorInfo>

There may be multiple errors returned in the XML packet, they are separated by <Error> blocks and each block contains an ErrorCode to allow you to do some processing logic on the numerical value returned, and an ErrorInfo which is used by the developer or administrator to visually see what the problem is with the submission.


Alternatively, you can call some of the webservices via URL variables or form posts. To call this via the URL, you can pass the variables as so :{accesscodehere}