QR Code Generation

We have a sister company called Walk Off,, that allows you to track stock vehicles by printing QR codes onto labels that stock to the vehicles in your showroom. Members of the public can then come along and scan these vehicles with their smart phones to get more information / images about the vehicle.

Dealers are starting to incorporate QR codes into their website, so we have exposed our QR code system from Walk Off Manager through the DealerHub to allow barcodes to be added to websites and other web applications, but still retain the tracking and reporting features of the Walk Off Manager system.

QR codes are exposed in either of the 2 methods listed below :

1) Include our page in your website. Our page just contains a img src tag to display a QR code, or a white space if the QR code can not be found for a vehicle

Example URL :
The parameter RID is the retailer ID we issue to you, and the regno is the reg of the vehicle without spaces.

2) You can call the image directly from your web page without any page includes, but you risk there potentially not being a QR code available if the stock hasn't updated in time or the reg isn't on our system for any reason.

Example URL :
Where you replace this example reg of mm55ffv with the reg of your vehicle.


If you would like more information on this, please contact us