Technical Support

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to send / receive information from the dealerhub. We offer webservices to transfer data between system, with the outputs being in XML or JSON format.

It is also possible for us to proxy certain webservices for you via methods such as HTML form submission, URL variable submission or scraping emails for content sent into a dealerhub email address.

All our webservices have 2 XML strings passed into them.

XMLSecurity and XMLData.

XMLSecurity is an XML string that identifies who you are, i.e your access to the hub, and what dealer you are passing / receiving data for via dealer number. The only other parameter in the security string and optional output type, XML is the default, or you can specify JSON output.

XMLData is a string that passed data to the webservice, i.e if you were calling the Add Lead webservice, then XML data will contain all the lead information. Customers details / enquiry vehicle etc..

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