What webservices can you offer me?

Lead Distribution

The dealerhub specialises in passing sales lead data from websites / call centres or any other source, and passing it into a sales lead management system or DMS / CRM system.

We try to make it very simple for developers to integrate with us, so when passing a lead they can use websites, or post values from a form on a webpage straight into the hub, or we can pick up emails and add any customer data found in the emails into a lead on the dealerhub.

The system then pushes the lead into another system such as AutoSLM or e-GoodManners where the push is available, or it allows other lead systems to contact the dealerhub and pull the data on an automated routine, for example, once every 10 minutes.

Where the system is being used in a large group or manufacturer and not ever retailer has an electronic system. We also provide a web page interface to login and collect your leads. This is available to customer with automated system as well, just as a backup incase your DMS / CRM system is offline for any reason.


Webservice Method Webservice Description
addlead This method will allow you to add a new customer lead 
getleads This method gets all the leads waiting collection  
getmanufacturer This method gets a list of manufacturers 
getmodels This method gets a list of models 
getderivatives This method gets a list of derivatives from a model ID 
getdealers This method allows you to pass in your access code, and it returns a list of dealers & dealercodes that you have access to under your account 
leadfeedback This method allows you to supply feedback on a lead by adding activity markers