What webservices can you offer me?

Linking a lead management system to a third party such as a finance app

The dealerhub allows linking of most systems, but here we have an example of how you would pass customers from your lead management system or CRM into the DealerHub and out you third party application to have some information added, such as a finance deal stacker, and then pass the updated customer information back into your lead management system again. This method can be used to pass information to and from a DMS system as well.


Webservice Method Webservice Description
addcustomer This method allows you to add a new customer record to the system 
getcustomer This method returns all the customer and enquiry data when passed a custid value. 
updatecustomer This method will update all or part of a customer record when passed the customer id. 
getdealers This method allows you to pass in your access code, and it returns a list of dealers & dealercodes that you have access to under your account 
getstaff This method returns all the members of staff at a specific dealer 
addstaff This method allows you to add a member of staff to the system