What webservices can you offer me?

Vehicle / Stock Management

The dealerhub allows all your stock vehicles, new and used, to be passed to third party systems such as Sales Lead Management systems, or passed to third party websites such as AutoTrader or Motors4 through the DealerHub. We offer a webservice called, ADD VEHICLE, your developers just call this webservice passing each through your stock vehicles usually from a DMS system or your website management agency. We can also accept FTP file drops on a daily basis instead of using the Add Vehicle webservice if that is prefered by your development team.

Webservice Method Webservice Description
addstockvehicle This method will allow you to add a new stock vehicle to the system 
updatevehicle This method will allow you to update and existing vehicle record 
getstockvehicles This methods returns a list of stock vehicles on the system 
getdealers This method allows you to pass in your access code, and it returns a list of dealers & dealercodes that you have access to under your account 
getvrm This method is for the UK only, and it allow your to enter a vehicle registration, and it returns all the data we have stored on the vehicle. 
getmanufacturer This method gets a list of manufacturers 
getmodels This method gets a list of models 
getderivatives This method gets a list of derivatives from a model ID