What webservices can you offer me?

Online Test Drive Booking

With the dealerhub you can easily add additional functionality to your website to allow customers to book demo vehicles from your fleet. If you sales lead management system has a demo booking system. AutoSLM and EGM have these features, then you can add all your demo vehicles and make them available to the web for customers to book slots. If you book a slot on your SLM system it will block out that slot so it can't be double booked by your website, and vise versa.


Webservice Method Webservice Description
getdemobooking This method returns the details of a demo booking thats previously been made 
getdemovehicles This method returns a list of demonstration vehicles loaded on the system 
getdemoavailability This method returns a list of all the times the demo vehicle is available for bookings 
adddemovehicle This method will allow you to add a demonstration vehicle to the system 
adddemobooking This method allows you to add a demo vehicle booking to the system when passed a demo vehicle and time slot 
getdealers This method allows you to pass in your access code, and it returns a list of dealers & dealercodes that you have access to under your account 
getmanufacturer This method gets a list of manufacturers 
getmodels This method gets a list of models 
getderivatives This method gets a list of derivatives from a model ID